Q. “What is a Fiduciary BUYERS BROKER?”

A. Nothing complicated – all of our Licensed Real Estate Broker and Sales Associates are fully trained and experienced working exclusively for, and in the best interest of you as your Fiduciary, the BUYER in the same way an Attorney or Accountant does.

Q. “Wait a minute? The seller pays the commission anyway? Right! 

A. Don’t kid yourself! When a seller lists their home, they simply adds it to the asking price of the home – doesn’t everybody?

Q. “That’s all very good, but how do you SAVE ME MONEY?”

A. BUYERS BROKER is your Fiduciary, an represents only the BUYER. Using all our knowledge and training in real estate, we negotiate the PRICE, TERMS and CONDITIONS to suit your needs, often saving you THOUSANDS in the purchase price of your property.

Q. “But I know what I want in my new property. Why do I need Fiduciary BUYERS BROKER?”

A. Because your BUYERS BROKER is your Fiduciary we will make sure you get your money’s worth. In fact, we can SAVE YOU MONEY!

Fiduciary BUYERS BROKER trained professionals will advise you on vital considerations as construction quality, desirability of location, neighborhood trends and comparable sales prices.

Q. “But what if another Broker already has the property listed?”

A. No problem we have access to the MLS in our market, plus other part of Florida and we can show them to you, and don’t forget For Sale by Owners and New Homes.

Q.”This all sounds great, but why can’t any license Florida Real Estate Brokerage or agents provide this service?”

A. Under Florida Law, {475.278, F.S. & 475.01, F.S.} it is presumed that all licensees are operating as Transaction Brokers unless a single agent relationship is established, in writing. It places you into a customer relationship and you the BUYER and the SELLER have NO representation. Such a Broker CANNOT fully be working in the best interest of the BUYER or SELLER!

We are your Fiduciary always as Single Agents {475.278, F.S. & 475.01, F.S.}

We Never List Real Estate! – We Never Sell Real Estate!

We Represent YOU the Buyer, NOT the property!

We Never have such conflict of interest. EVER!

Don’t be misled by the real estate company who have TEAM’s that advertise they can be your Buyer’s Agent.

Ask them how?

Under Florida Law {475.278, F.S. & 475.01, F.S.}